Monday, April 11, 2011

All Rights Reserved

so its been a while since my last post. if blogging was like booze i would already be sober. i dont do it that often. ugh, i guess my days on LJ and college really were that more interesting. who reads this stuff anyways, my one true reader - the bff - still uploads on her lj and me well ive changed sites, just for dramatic praise of course!
so things with me are lovely. i am in love biatches. i never thought i would get pass the insecurities of being with another man and loving someone without temptation or regret but u have seen the day. maybe one day we can get equal rights and get married - hell it should be an option for crying out loud! okay diva down PAUSE!
i've started working at microsoft, me a 1st generation latino in the corp world among the geeks and indian subcultures, people never say never as the b would say. (not the britney, the other b)
well till the next post gays and guys, i must admit something before I go, I really want to dance in my cube right now, this Yahoo radio is kicking ass!

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