Monday, December 6, 2010

job search day 42

wow how time flys bye. :/ so 42 days ago: I got laid off from my job, I updated my resume, cleaned up my desk and cancelled my boot camp membership (unnecessary funds)

since then, I've booked 1 position as an extra on the NBC show "chase," submitted over 25 on-line job applications, updated my modeling compcard, worked out 6 days out of a week and really have just been reading, waiting for my next move. oh i adopted a kitty too. shes a beauty. really happy i got her, she keeps me company at night & day.

anyways. this thursday is my bday. wow im 25 turning 26. hmm lets see how this week turns out. :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

the time is here

omg. its been sometime since my last post. sorry! #fail me! :(

quick 5 step update!

1) lost my job #nowlooking #marketing, something creative, something worth living for.

2) single and not looking. having fun :)

3) WDW marathon coming soon. im a runner baby!

4) make me famous texas! began modeling and hitting the gym hardcore. i need to keep it sexy!

5) i owe the bff 20 bucks. lol lost a bet :( dammit! she knows me too well.