Monday, December 6, 2010

job search day 42

wow how time flys bye. :/ so 42 days ago: I got laid off from my job, I updated my resume, cleaned up my desk and cancelled my boot camp membership (unnecessary funds)

since then, I've booked 1 position as an extra on the NBC show "chase," submitted over 25 on-line job applications, updated my modeling compcard, worked out 6 days out of a week and really have just been reading, waiting for my next move. oh i adopted a kitty too. shes a beauty. really happy i got her, she keeps me company at night & day.

anyways. this thursday is my bday. wow im 25 turning 26. hmm lets see how this week turns out. :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

the time is here

omg. its been sometime since my last post. sorry! #fail me! :(

quick 5 step update!

1) lost my job #nowlooking #marketing, something creative, something worth living for.

2) single and not looking. having fun :)

3) WDW marathon coming soon. im a runner baby!

4) make me famous texas! began modeling and hitting the gym hardcore. i need to keep it sexy!

5) i owe the bff 20 bucks. lol lost a bet :( dammit! she knows me too well.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Times

Sorry I have not posted in a while. :(
#FAIL on my part, so It's been a ride let me begin to tell you...we have been moving in full speed here at work and student enrollment has taken my life once again. The times of summer have passed, ugh no more pools :( but fall is coming and the times of scars are near! :) GLEE is back on TV and i finally get to visit CALI! life if good. still single but i guess thats the story of my life.

current moode: excited :)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


hello world. sorry for the little posts. i get distracted with work, life and people.

so the lady gaga concert was AMAZING!

money well invested! Mel and I had a great time!
So I've got back to the gym, hope this time around i see more progress. my running schedule looks like its going to be a good one! and excited for a upcoming NYC trip with the rocket team!
ahhhhhh changes are coming!
the boy situation :( hmm lets hope it gets better.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Professional Development Vs. $$$$$

So after a week off from the grind here at work, i am back to the same ol' same ol'. only this time around its less stressful, due to my completed deadlines. :) happiness. I've come to realize that working for a corp, with $$$ mindset isnt the best feeling ever. At which point do we focus on the employee professional development to make them better = better job performance VS. going after the $$$ and spend money along the way chasing a maybe....i dont get it. That's one thing about my old life in the non-profit sector, i can honestly say we did it for the kids, for the greater good, for the feeling of doing amazing work (little pay, but happy @ end of the day) Here in the corp world, its "for the kids" but I cant stop thinking about the $$$, they throw it in our faces all the time.

so summer 2 will consist of running another summer camp. wish us luck. and a proposed week long professional dev. in cali has turned into 3 days in NJ week before we start enrollment for the new school year. FAIL!

in other news i get to see @LADYGAGA live in DALLAS in less than 10 days! holly crap i need a new GAGA outfit! -Sum_lil'Monster!

Friday, June 18, 2010


....there is something about Fridays that make me happy. I think America would agree. (unless its a payweek for my part-time which case i hate Fridays.) always mad @ hours not calculated, etc etc. We are never truly happy i suppose.

so My mom's bday was amazing. picture this - 15 Mexicans @ a buffett style resturant. of course me being the #dramatic one asked the staff in the entire resturant to sing my mom happy birthday, yes they did it! Gave her Balloons as well. Cute!

Fathers day? hmm prolly just another day on the calander. (im just saying.) sumtime i want to be a dad so i can get celebrated as well. but having a kid IE: responsibility scares me! WTF, hell to the no! (not yet at least.)

Weekend is booked, sorry fans, heading to WICKED with b/ tomorrow and family Sunday!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hola! So I've decided to start bloggin' here since all the cool people are doing it, (IE: TheSCADallas, Nate, UE..) lol I typically write on my LJ: but thats so College, I believe its time to mature into a new creative space, where I can continue to type out my ideas, opinions and random stories, as if Twitter wasn't enough Information ;)

My bff, always asks why I share so much? and I really don't have an answer, I really hope some random person needing advice or just wanting to feel (not) alone can jump on-line and read a post or tweet of mines and someway just relate to me and or make them smile! Because at the end of the day, we all have issues and maybe mine are worse than yours! Smile!

So today is my mom's bday! shes amazing and I am glad she is still in my life w/ many more to come. She loves me, more than I could ever know! xoxoxo mom!