Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Professional Development Vs. $$$$$

So after a week off from the grind here at work, i am back to the same ol' same ol'. only this time around its less stressful, due to my completed deadlines. :) happiness. I've come to realize that working for a corp, with $$$ mindset isnt the best feeling ever. At which point do we focus on the employee professional development to make them better = better job performance VS. going after the $$$ and spend money along the way chasing a maybe....i dont get it. That's one thing about my old life in the non-profit sector, i can honestly say we did it for the kids, for the greater good, for the feeling of doing amazing work (little pay, but happy @ end of the day) Here in the corp world, its "for the kids" but I cant stop thinking about the $$$, they throw it in our faces all the time.

so summer 2 will consist of running another summer camp. wish us luck. and a proposed week long professional dev. in cali has turned into 3 days in NJ week before we start enrollment for the new school year. FAIL!

in other news i get to see @LADYGAGA live in DALLAS in less than 10 days! holly crap i need a new GAGA outfit! -Sum_lil'Monster!

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