Saturday, February 26, 2011

askimsin benim (love you baby)

Oh, so if you didn't know, I have a boyfriend. :) how random right? Totally not planned, not expected but beautiful and most importantly I am happy.

Here is the 411. My Boyfriends Top Ten! (eat your heart out David Letterman)

10. Turkish Native: IE: hes NOT American! :)
9. Comfortable with his sexuality, 100% HOMO! :)
8. Studying English and picks up on Spanish really quickly :/ ayyyy
7. six feet 2 inches tall. <---use your imagination
6. Romantic, passionate and charming. *giggles*
5. He asked me, I 4 once didn't do the chasing, all eyes one ME :)
4. Leo, and according to astrology dot com, good mix with me!
3. Dances, Turkish dances here and there but get down!
2. Makes me laugh, silly boy!
1. Honest; we've kept it real thus far, no lies, no beating around the bush, just pure feelings, attractions and sexy times! :)

PS: I'm trying to learn Turkish. Wish me Luck.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

job search day (insert a DAMM number) its been a while

So its been soo many days since my last post. and for that I apologize. how the hell am i going to win a blog award if I dont blog daily? I really dont know how these people do this on the daily. I guess...I mean i have an interesting life dont get me wrong...but how can I document and remember it all? #fail

today has been a great day. had lunch & coffee with the boys (ue, shane and philip) then went to bootcamp @ the gym. the instructor was a hotty i MUST go back! the best part was his music..he played alot of gay shit i typically hear at the Tin Room. (a GAY trashy yet Great DJ spot)

I now sit here at my fav spot *crookedtree coffee shop* jacking their internet sitting on a couch next to Ana, my bffs old beastie....talking about bff; i've not seen that sista in a hott min. ugh life gets going and you begin to loose touch.

in music news, bought the new Ricky Martin CD. love it. buy it now!